Sunday, 18 October 2015

Math in Action

I love that my students look forward to math!  We have mental math routines that we do each day and the students actual beg to do them because they are so much fun!  A new one that we tried was "Order Up".  The students were all given random numbers in the hundreds.  I timed them to see how fast they could put themselves in order from least to greatest.  Each time we play, we challenge ourselves to beat our previous time!

Science Fun

Same crew… grade

We are one year older now!  It's nice to be moving up and teaching these same kids grade 3.  The beginning of the year was a really smooth start for us, as the students just fell back into the regular routines and were great role models for our 3 new students, Biasha, Amelia and Janeia.  We all really miss Ben and Everly and we still talk about them a lot.  We wrote a new set of Classroom Beliefs, created a Team 25 art mural of our hands, and did a sharing activity with our "Me Bags".  It's been a great start!